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      1. 凱天化工

        Kaitian Chemical


        Kaitian Chemical

        Diethyl oxalacetate sodium salt

        Product name Diethyl oxalacetate sodium salt
        CAS No. 40876-98-0
        Purity 95%
        Appearance white solid

        Product Description

        Name:Diethyl oxalacetate sodium salt
        Synonyms:ETHYL SODIUM OXALACETATE;ETHYL SODIUM OXALOACETATE;OXALACETIC ACID DIETHYL ESTER SODIUM*PRA CTICAL GRAD;DiethyloxalacetateSodiumSalt98%;Diethyl oxalacetate sodium salt, pract., 95%;diethyl oxaloacetate, monosodium salt;DIEHTYLOXALACETATESODIUMSALT;Diethyl oxalacetate, Diethyl oxaloacetate, Diethyl oxosuccinate sodium salt, Oxalacetic acid diethyl ester sodium salt, Sodium diethyl oxalacetate
        Molecular Formula:C8H11O5Na
        Molecular Weight:210.16
        Melting Point:188-190 °C(lit.)
        Water Solubility :Slightly soluble in water (1.2 g/L) (25°C).
        Appearance:white solid
        Storage Condition:Inert atmosphere,Room Temperature
        Use:Dyes, synthesis.Diethyl oxalacetate sodium salt is used in the preparation of oxaloacetic acid. It is also used as an active pharmaceutical intermediate.

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